A Diverse Group of Medical Advisors

Mission Statement:

The Coalition of Medical Consultants is comprised of a diverse group of advisors, in a variety of industries, who work closely with physicians and their medical practices. Due to the ongoing evolution and uncertainty in healthcare, it is imperative that we educate ourselves on the critical factors impacting medical practices. Our monthly meetings provide an opportunity to explore issues most important to your industry. In addition to bringing service providers together to learn from one another, guests are invited to enlighten the group on different perspectives and new ideas. The underlying tenet of the Coalition is to foster an atmosphere of learning, discussion and deliberation, so each member can provide the best service and guidance, adding additional value to each of our client interactions.


The Coalition of Medical Consultants was formed by the Dallas-based accounting firm, Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP (GPP) in 2016. The idea of bringing together advisors to the medical industry was based on the success of the Coalition of Dental Advisors, a study club created by GPP in 2013. Group members found that building relationships with like-minded professionals who advise dentists and their practices gave them a broader awareness of the key areas impacting their clients.

Only medical advisors aligned with GPP’s client-centric philosophy were asked to join the Coalition of Medical Consultants. As a result, all of our members embrace the philosophy of taking a holistic approach to each client with the goal of providing comprehensive, tailor-made solutions.

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