Healthcare and IT’s Future

The healthcare industry is currently being reshaped by advanced technology such as the Internet of Things and data analytics. What can healthcare professionals do now to prepare for the future of the industry?

In an article from The Enterprisers Project, author Minda Zetlin writes, “Many emerging technologies, such as IoT and analytics, have the potential to disrupt or reshape healthcare as we know it. But which will have the biggest impact? And what do CIOs need to do now to prepare for healthcare IT’s future?”.

In the article, Zetlin and Bill Fandrich, senior vice president and CIO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, discuss:

  • What will have the biggest impact on the industry
  • Is technology being over-hyped?
  • Are healthcare providers being too slow to adapt?
  • What should we be doing to prepare for the future?

Fandrich says, “A CIO’s biggest focus should be on understanding how the core business needs to change and evolve, and how they can leverage technology to enable a changing business model”. Is your healthcare practice being proactive in the transformation of the industry?

To read more, see the full article from Minda Zetlin in the Enterprisers Project.

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