The Healthcare Skills Gap May Work to Your Advantage

The healthcare industry is experiencing a lack of qualified professionals to fill positions. In response, the industry is changing the way education is provided to those looking to land a job. How can the skills gap work to your advantage?

In an article from Health Tech Zone, author Mandi Nowitz writes, “Many Baby Boomer health care educators are nearing retirement age, leaving room for highly qualified instructors to fill these vacant roles within healthcare education programs. However, many factors are limiting healthcare facilities from finding the right individuals to fill these spots”.

In the article Nowitz discusses:

  • A lack of education
  • Different expectations for pay
  • Poor interviewing skills
  • Lack of on-the-job training

Nowitz continues,  “Healthcare workers taking advantage of the gap through medical transcription courses and other online tools are experiencing higher pay, flexible schedules, and overall better working conditions. Closing this skills gap will take time and effort from both the employers and job seekers, but it doesn’t need to be a setback for the healthcare industry”.

To read more, see the full article from Mandi Nowitz in Health Tech Zone.

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