How is Technology Revolutionizing Health Care Administration As We Know It?

The driving force in healthcare and modern medicine is undoubtedly today’s technology. Healthcare administration is evolving right before our eyes, so health-care organizations should start preparing.

In an article from FossBytes, author Larry Alton writes, “Reliance on administrative technology has become mainstream practice in major hospitals and specialty clinics that understand how it can streamline operations and limit errors. Technology helps patients find providers as well as empower providers to facilitate excellent care”.

In the article, Alton discusses:

  • Robotic checkups and surgery
  • Telemedicine
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Electronic filing
  • Patient acquisition and retention

Alton continues, “Health-care organizations of every size should understand how technology can revolutionize their practices if they let it”. Is your health-care organization responding to the current technological wave?

To read more, see the full article from Larry Alton in Fossbytes.

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