The Health 202: How the Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Health Care

While the government shutdown is over (for now), Paige Cunningham from The Washington Post explains the repercussions a government shutdown could have on your healthcare.

In the article Cunningham writes, “The effects of a shutdown — especially if it continues — on the federal workforce, and Americans by extension, are real”.

In the article, Cunningham discusses:

  • Services that continue
  • AHH and OOF respond
  • Trump temperature
  • Agency alert

Cunningham continues, “depending on how long it lasts, there will be ripple effects on health care as the Department of Health and Human Services sees half its workers furloughed”. If another government shutdown occurs, are you aware of what that could mean for your practice?

To read more, see the full article from Paige Cunningham in The Washington Post.

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