Virtual Reality Is a Growing Reality In Health Care

The healthcare industry is aiming to use artificial intelligence and virtual reality to help patients. Patients playing video games to improve their health may soon come to a hospital near you.

In an article from Forbes, author Bruce Y. Lee writes, “while there isn’t yet a “rush” to develop video games for health (certainly compared to the much larger overall video game market), efforts are growing”.

In this article Lee discusses:

  • Bringing virtual reality to healthcare
  • Examples of virtual reality currently in the healthcare industry
  • Transforming the healthcare industry

Lee continues, “Training health professionals seems like the most immediate application of VR. An increasing number of health professionals and educators seem open to the idea of using gaming to supplement and enhance traditional health education that has tended to focus on two extremes: direct patient contact and textbook-and-lecture-based learning”. Do you see major benefits of implementing virtual reality into the healthcare industry?

To read more, see the full article from Bruce Y. Lee in Forbes.

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